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We provide unique and fulfilling adventure and volunteer opportunities in Nepal. Our volunteer placements are open to people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of nationality or qualifications.

Our program makes a positive difference in the lives of the deprived society by providing travel and volunteer opportunities  to international volunteers.

Nepal is the land of endless fascination. You can combine volunteer programs with adventure recreation.  So if you want to be trekking up to the Everest, roughing it with indigenous and ethnic tribes in the south, relaxing on perfect Mountains or Himalayas, or just want to help out on one of our meaningful placements, reserve your place today!


Adrift  is to encourage international volunteers to contribute in sustainable community development that benefits the underprivileged and extremely poor. By developing the places and the communities, the volunteers are also developing themselves and learning new perspectives and ideas that will ultimately change their lives.

Adrift Nepal’s volunteer program taps into this beauty of Nepal by offering cultural program, where you’ll intimately get connected with the warm and ever welcoming people, and volunteer programs, where you’ll work to improve the lives of desperately poor people. You can choose from diverse volunteer programs of  Adrift-Nepal :-

On-going volunteer programs:

Work in Orphanage

Teaching English in Nepal

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks

Environmental Conservation

Health Sector

Home stay and culture exchange :-

Sponsor a Nepali Child's Education

Work in Orphanage

Poverty and past conflicts have seriously affected the people of Nepal. This situation has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and turned many children into orphans. The situation is even worst in the villages and because of this; thousands of children arrive in urban centers like Kathmandu  in search of jobs and prosperous future. Unfortunately, the reality of city is very different from the charmed life they’ve imagined. The children face torture and exploitation. Many of them work over 14-hours a day in industries, hotels, and restaurants and many of the sleep in the street.

There is no government initiative to protect the children and their fundamental rights and privileges. In this context, concerned citizens have opened orphanages and tried to house, care and educate the children. Adrift-Nepal has also recognized this reality and established children welfare centers in Chitwan and Kathmandu. Besides this, Adrift Nepal has also been working with more than 15 local organizations to rescue these children from a life of poverty and degradation. Adrift Nepal invites volunteers to help the local orphanages in their struggle to improve the lives of poor orphans. If you have a strong enthusiasm and willingness to make a positive impact in the lives of the innocent children, this is an ideal project for you.

Please contact us for more details:-adrift@wlink.com.np

Teaching English in Nepal

 The pressure to learn English in Nepal for young children is enormous. It’s not only the second language of Nepal, it’s also the language used in trade, commerce and communication. Without the knowledge of English, the chances of securing a good job are severely restricted.

There are many schools and institutions that educate children but they’re mostly expensive and unaffordable to the poor. Our volunteers in teaching English projects will work in schools attended by students of poor families in rural villages. You will teach students who are eager to learn from volunteers like you. You’ll converse with them to improve their speech, teach English according to official curriculum and use your own material or creative ideas to teach English in a different but fun way. This is also a perfect opportunity if you want to gain some teaching experience, serve the poor and help build your own career.

Please contact us for more details:-adrift@wlink.com.np

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks

 Nepal has many spectacular Buddhist monasteries. Most of them are Tibetan monasteries opened by Tibetan refuges that fled the Chinese occupation. These monasteries house thousand of monks and they’ve enrolled in the life of a monkhood from early in their lives. They study and live in the monastery. They mostly use Tibetan language only during their study and their chances of learning English are very limited..

Recently, the Rinpoche (or the high Lama) of the monasteries have realized that the monks need to learn English if they are to spread the teaching of Buddha and communicate effectively with western people. Knowledge of english is also getting very important because of the growing popularity of english language all over the world. Hence, the monasteries are looking for volunteers to teach english to buddist monks. Teaching english to buddist monk is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who are interested in buddism and culture. In the monasteries, volunteers will also have a wonderful opportunity to learn Vajrayana form of Buddhism. You’ll witness colorful rituals and prayers and you can also indulge in meditation.

Please contact us for more details:-adrift@wlink.com.np

Environment   Conservation or Eco-Workshop

 Nepal’s forest cover has been dwindling at an alarming rate as demand for firewood continues unabated in Nepal. The growing human settlement in forested land and industrialization has also intensified the problems. Many local non-government and international organizations have been raising awareness against the issue. The effect of this campaign can be seen with community forest and local initiative to halt the march of deforestation.

Realizing the need of nature conservation, Adrift-Nepal has started a village nursery in a small rural village, where volunteers prepare seedlings of different plant species and distribute free to local villagers and schools. There are frequent nature preservation awareness and cleaning campaigns also. While working in the project, volunteers can learn a great deal about nature, conservation efforts, work in nursery and awareness drives.

Please contact us for more details:-adrift@wlink.com.np

Health Sector

 Nepal’s health sector is slowing moving towards standards seen internationally. But the cost of using the facilities is very expensive and can’t be afforded by poor people. The few government hospitals that exist are often poorly run and slow in delivering their service. They are located in urban centers, away from rural areas where the poor often originate.

Adrift-Nepal has worked in conjunction with local hospital to offer health projects for volunteers willing to help poor and serve humanity. During your work, you’ll treat many poor and bring smiles to their faces. You’ll often work under the supervision of an experience professional.

Your role as a volunteer:

Volunteers in health care projects will assist local doctors and medical staffs. You will be assigned work according to your level of experience. Volunteer works in hospital include: treating minor injury, taking BP & weight, record keeping of patience, general medical check up of patience, assisting local doctors, and similar resposilities. You can also choose to work in the administration. You can have passion to serve the poor to successfully volunteer in the project.

Please contact us for more details:-adrift@wlink.com.np

Home stay and culture exchange :-

Cultural Immersion

Cultural (exchange) Immersion programs can be arranged in most areas of Nepal. Participants will be placed with a Nepali family in a small rural village or within a city for the duration of their stay. During this period volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in local festivals and get the opportunity to exchange their culture.

Volunteers should remember that this is a cultural exchange and that an effort to offer some knowledge of their own home culture and customs to the family with whom they stay is expected.  Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.

Participants in the program will not go through training in Nepal with the other volunteers. During their home-stay, volunteers will attend 2 hours of language lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. They will also have the opportunity to visit and help out at the local school.

Nepali culture is distinctively friendly and open and participants are made to feel as though they are part of the family.

Volunteer also have chance to do adventure, which includes village visit and hiking, cultural dance, white water rafting,  trekking and a visit to National park etc.

This program is a good opportunity for volunteers to learn about the Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, and people.

Please contact us for more details:-adrift@wlink.com.np

Sponsor a Nepali Child's Education

Adrift  supports children in a wide range of educational programs, including schools for the disabled and colleges in kathmandu or out of kathmandu . There are far more impoverished, highly motivated students in Nepal than we can currently provide for. Please consider giving a Nepali child an education and the unimagined opportunities that come with it.

Indentured daughters. You can rescue a girl from indentured servitude, let her come home to live with her family, pay her school expenses for a year, and provide her family with a baby goat or piglet, for only $100. For $350, you can rescue a girl from bondage and pay for her education for six years, so that she can graduate from the 10th grade and be able to support herself. Because these girls live in remote areas and typically don't have mail or electricity, it isn't possible to keep in touch with them. Learn more about the Indentured Daughters Program.

Adrift programs bring real opportunity to the neediest children of Nepal.

These children are street kids, orphaned or abandoned, begging at temples and sleeping alone in doorways or under bridges, rain or shine. Others have lived in jail with an incarcerated parent because there was no place else for them to go. Some—girls as young as six—have been sold by their families to work as bonded laborers. Other children come to us so malnourished that they cannot talk or walk.

One by one, hundred  of children like this have benefited from Adrift touch. We have the privilege and joy of giving them what they need to pull themselves out of destitution, and they do so with a courage and verve that inspires us all.

Please contact us for more information and to know our work in Nepal at :-adrift@wlink.com.np

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